THE ZOO® - Soft Toy Storage Solution

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soft toy storage, cuddly toy storage, teddy bear storage, toy box
soft toy storage, cuddly toy storage, teddy bear storage, toy box

Fun to use!

Children can remove and replace their favourite soft toys and furry friends safely and easily.

soft toy storage, cuddly toy storage, teddy bear storage, toy box

Makes tidying up fun!

Children will enjoy putting things away for themselves.

soft toy storage, cuddly toy storage, teddy bear storage, toy box

Fun and Safe

THE ZOO is simple to install and safe to use. It screws to the wall for safety and takes up a minimal amount of floor space.

Made from sustainably-sourced wood, THE ZOO and has child-safe flexible bars that keep soft toys in and children out!

The Zoo conforms to the British General Product (Safety) Regulations 2005 and EN71 - part 3.


The story of THE ZOO®

“Those furry friends have had it their own way for too long. They’ve been free to roam as they please and set up camp wherever they fancy. It has got to stop!”

Iona Hutchinson - busy mum and Head Zookeeper!

As a busy mother, I discovered one of the great universal problems is finding a fun way to store all your childrens' soft toys.

My uncle in the USA invented the answer with THE ZOO - a simple combination of flexible bars adjusted safely together, coupled with THE ZOO idea to capture a childs' imagination.

Now we have The Zoo in each of our childrens' rooms and most surfaces are 'soft toy' free! Tidying up has now turned into a fun game.

Little Zookeepers are the original creators of THE ZOO and have been sending Zoos to messy bedrooms and playrooms all over the World since 2003.

Now your children can become a Little Zoo Keeper too!.

We know you will enjoy THE ZOO.

soft toy storage, cuddly toy storage, teddy bear storage, toy box

What our customers say

Thank you so much for such a great product to solve my cuddly toy mountain. All the toys are now off the beds, off the floor and out of the cupboards - all in THE ZOO. It takes all the big toys and the little ones too. Fantastic!

Tara and little Harry, Canterbury

Not only is THE ZOO fantastic storage but it has become a feature in her bedroom. Family and friends have asked to see her zoo (she’s telling everyone she’s a Zoo Keeper). She has all her animals on display for all to see and she can get at which ever one she wants out easily and finds it fun to put them back though the bendy bars too.

Mrs Clarke, Leicester

We Love THE ZOO! My daughter just turned four and part of making her toddler room into a real BIG GIRL room was doing something with the soft toys. This is quite possibly the best money I have ever spent. We LOVE it and have already e-mailed all of our friends to encourage them to consider getting one for their little animal collectors!

Mrs Gillett, Texas USA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is THE ZOO made of?

THE ZOO frame is made of sustainably sourced plywood. The wood can be either very pale or a warmer brown in colour. The bars consist of a bungee cord covered with food-grade custom extruded plastic tubing, which is there for safety and cosmetic reasons. The flexible bars prevent children from getting their heads stuck or wrapped up in the elastic cord.

2. What size is THE ZOO?

The Zoo when built, is width: 57cm x depth: 30cm x height: 154cm.

3. Why did you make THE ZOO?

We had toy hammocks for our soft toys, but they kept falling down and were very dusty - also the toy hammocks fit on to the wall and the children couldn't reach the soft toys! The Zoo is the perfect solution.

4. Is THE ZOO easy to put together?

The Zoo comes as a self assembly kit with full picture instructions and fittings for the wall. It should take you an average of 20 mins to put together.

5. Can you put anything else in THE ZOO?

Absolutely! We have a Zoo in the playroom for the soft toys and a Zoo in the garage for the footballs, dressing up clothes and the endless fancy dress hats!

6. Can you paint THE ZOO?

The Zoo comes unfinished but finely sanded. Most people leave it just as it is. However it can be a fun project for the children to decorate using acrylic paints/stickers etc.

7. Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world. For customers outside the UK, please be aware that your country may charge you a small customs tax and/or duty on arrival in your country. Please Email us for a quote